1. What is Little Johnny? Little Johnny is a philosophy rather that just another program. Little Johnny incorporates best practices and evidence based as well as research based interventions in Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports and relates that to building confidence and self efficacy of all stakeholders to promote all students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

2. What makes Little Johnny different than the rest? Little Johnny allows all stakeholders to participate in the student’s success. Teachers, students, parents and even grandparents receive updates when individual student goals are met. Teachers create academic, behavior, or social goals for their respective students and once goals are met or even not met, the approved stakeholders are instantly notified. So, the biggest difference with Little Johnny is we allow teachers to create individual goals for the students and the incentive points (GOTCHA Points) are an outcome of students mastering specific predetermined goals.

3. What is the “intrinsic motivation” rewards system? Little Johnny has certainly taken it a step further by partnering with www.mygotchas.com who has built valuable relationships with corporations across the globe that understand that we must invest in our future. Once a teacher, specifies whether a student goal has been met, partially met, or somewhat met, points are deposited into the student’s individual bank account where they may used these hard earned points to purchase items from www.mygotchas.com website. Items are shipped to the students address within 2-3 business days. This enables teachers to teach and plan and NOT run and orchestrate school incentive stores with items that students are NOT interested in.

4. What organizations does Little Johnny work with?

(a.) school districts

(b.) individual schools

(c.) detention centers

(d.) alternative schools

5. What services does Little Johnny offer?

(a.) School-wide PBIS Implementation to fidelity

(b.) Culturally Responsive PBIS

(c.) Special Education Specific PBIS

(d.) Detention Center Specific PBIS

(e.) Individualized Student PBIS

6. What are the costs associated with the Little Johnny philosophy?

Costs vary typically vary depending on the size of the organization but Little Johnny has pricing options as little as $26 per student.

7. How can my organization afford the Little Johnny philosophy? Organizations such as public schools, charter schools, and detention centers have access to the following federal funds: Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Title V, and At-Risk Funds that can be used to fund the Little Johnny philosophy.

8. What if I want the Little Johnny philosophy and we have already allocated and spent my budget for current year? Not a problem whatsoever. We never want students to wait on much needed services due to budget limitations or barriers. As long as we have a signed and binding contract, we will begin implementation within in your organization.

9. How long will it take to train staff members? Typically we can complete training within 1-3 days depending on how large your organization is. Our team is dedicated to provide team building training in an efficient manner that doesn’t waste your organization’s time.

10. How do I know that the Little Johnny philosophy is working within my organization? School culture and climate will be one of the first things you will notice upon implementation. Shortly after the culture and climate component comes together, you will see that students mastering goals that have been predetermined by your staff. The Little Johnny philosophy focuses on the building and trust factors that all individuals need to feel important and valued within any healthy relationship. We will empower your organization to reach students and parents like you have never seen before.

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